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Mr. Gopal

Help These Children’s To study and Pursue Their Dream

by Atul Sharma

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Noida, India

Atul Sharma

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It was in the year 2010, when the organization: ‘Pahal – Ek Naya Prayaas’ was founded by some of the most – deeply motivated human beings wanting to make a revolution causing to bring a benevolent difference in the society. The organization, ‘Pahal – Ek Naya Prayaas’ got registered in the year 2016 and since the day of its foundation, has been regularly inspired by the concept of ‘Jan – Gan – Man’ and is determined to revolutionize the lives of people those who despite having all the humane potential, could not match into the standards of the today’s world. Keeping aside their personal interests the founders, members and volunteers of the organization, have been working day and night to uplift and transform the lives of the needy ones, without ever calling it a day. Admiring to the statement of our former Prime Minister – Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji as “I wish India to emerge as a nation which is known as a skilled power all over the world”. We believe not just India but any other country on this planet earth, cannever think of becoming a ‘skilled – power’ without developing a skilled population, i.e., a skilled work force. We believe, development of a skilled work force is only possible if we educate the future assets of our country, i.e., the children. We having focused on this rationale, took initiative to educate as many as underprivileged little ones as we can. Following this, our organization has started up with an institute under education named ‘Aksharalaya’ at Noida, sector 4, the aim of which is to provide quality standard education to the children for whom going to mighty convent schools riding in a school bus is nothing but a far away dream. Why let their limited resources come in between their ambition to study and be a literate being just as any other child studying in the mighty convent schools? These children are the ray of hope just not for our country but for the entire human civilization. We, at ‘Pahal – Ek Naya Prayaas’ are proud to announce that today, the educational project of ‘Aksharalaya’ is continuously touching the heights of the sky and through this institute we and our volunteers have been educating many little beings. The smiles on their face when they hold a notebook and a pen in their hands, are priceless. Watching those little faces glitter – up, surely has made us believe that starting ‘Aksharalaya’ was one of the best decisions the organization has ever taken and could ever take. We and our volunteers have done our part and are still doing. Now is yours turn. Every child on earth has a right to education, a right to raise himself as a literate human being, a right to compete in terms of education with any other child studying in the convents. By a simple donation from your part, let it be known to you, you are handing out one more notebook, one more pen to the little hands ultimately putting one more smile to one more innocent face. Come forward and please make your own – self proud by donating to nothing but the education of the children who if not for your contribution, would go on asking for food and other survival essentials on some red lights

  • 24-02-2022

    These children's needs education

Name Donate Amount Date
Amar Pratap 40,276.00 February 28, 2022
Rudra singh 40,000.00 February 28, 2022


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