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You Can Choose Medical Fundraising if

  • You need funds urgently
  • You have limited savings
  • Loans and Insurance are not enough
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How Can Crowdfunding Help You

When the cost of medical treatments takes a toll on you financially, harness the power of social networks through crowdfunding on Manavtaa. Get tips, crowdfunding assistance & receive donations in times of medical emergencies.


How Can Crowdfunding Help You

You Can Choose Medical Fundraising if

Crowdfunding is the process of raising donations from people across the country to fund your chosen cause or treatment, within a short period of time. Unlike loans or insurance, crowdfunding requires no payback and is for everyone from a 5 month old baby to a senior citizen with critical illness.

Your fundraising journey is successful! We wish you a speedy recovery!

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Fill your details, and start your fundraiser.


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Receive donations from all over India and across the world.


Withdraw funds to your or hospital account.



Most frequent questions and answers

Anyone with an emergency medical or any kind of financial crisis is eligible.

Fund transfer usually takes 5 days for domestic and 7-10 days for International. in case of emergency please Contact us.

yes, absolutely ​is completely free

That’s no problem, you can keep what you have raised without any charges.